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According to El Telegrafo, a Spanish-language daily newspaper in Ecuador, at least nine attacks were launched with explosives and firearms against police and oil installations by organised crime groups on Tuesday. The officials said the attacks were in response to a transfer of inmates from Guayas 1 prison. I think the thing, the reason why I was inspired to reach out to each of you to ask you to join and have this conversation is because I, myself in hearing the story that I shared of Singapore, it rang so true to what I’m seeing in El Salvador.

A day after he said Twitter would give the badge – and other benefits – to anyone willing to shell out $8 a month, the CEO of NPCI replied to his tweet, pitching UPI AutoPay as an easy way to handle these payments. Nearly two weeks after a bloody fight among inmates at a prison in central Ecuador killed at least 16, another explosive attack killed five police Ecuadorean police officers on Tuesday, reported multiple local media. As per the reports, the incident happened in response to prisoner transfers from overcrowded and “violent jails”. Subsequently, President Guillermo Lasso declared a state of emergency in two provinces– Guayas and Esmeraldas. During an emergency, it limits the freedom of assembly and movement.

You don’t have to do that in El Salva. See when facts change, then you have to change your thinking and then you have to change your policy and that’s what’s happened. So, and, and, and that’s, that’s what shows growth is when you’re able to look at situations, say, you know what, maybe, maybe we didn’t get it right. Meanwhile, shares of other social media companies, including Twitter, Pinterest and Snap, also fell hard in extended trading on February 2 after Meta posted its fourth quarter earnings statement. As shares of Meta-owned Facebook fell sharply by more than 26 percent on February 4, social media was inundated with posts on the share slide. This page includes full information about the Twitter, including the Twitter live chart and dynamics on the chart by choosing any of 8 available time frames.

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Twitter’s shares closed Thursday at $39.54, 27% below Musk’s $54.20 offer price. In addition, the problem of bots and fake accounts on Twitter is nothing new. The company paid $809.5 million last year to settle claims it was overstating its growth rate and monthly user figures. Twitter has also disclosed its bot estimates to the Securities and Exchange Commission for years, while also cautioning that its estimate might be too low. Twitter shareholders have filed a lawsuit accusing Elon Musk of engaged in “unlawful conduct” aimed at sowing doubt about his bid to buy the social media company. The Internet has changed our lives forever, but there is a dark side to it and at times the whole scenario appears scary to a great extent.

In 2018, soon after he was elected to the state assembly, Mevani was booked in the Bhima Koregaon case. After violence broke out at an event to commemorate the victory of Dalit troops over the peshwas, the Maharashtra police – then controlled by a BJP state government – launched a nationwide crackdown. It claimed to have unearthed a sinister conspiracy against Modi. Mevani’s offence was allegedly making a provocative speech at the event. He had maintained it was not provocative, merely critical of Modi, the BJP and the Sangh. If Mevani’s alleged offences were too trivial to pay attention to, surely they did not merit cross-country police action?

There’s a process by which as more people come into the country, introduce Bitcoin. My one caveat with this will always be he may be our, a hero today in the eyes of some and a villain in the eyes of others. But it’s on history to look back and judge this. Ultimately I think we can, we will just have to wait and allow a few more things to play out.

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The collective uses visual, literary and performance arts as tools to protest dictatorship and its atrocities. It’s here that Zurita first merged different kinds of art to reach out to people. The Sea Of Pain invites people to walk through knee-deep water across a warehouse to read Zurita’s poem, dedicated to five-year-old Syrian refugee Galip Kurdi.

So do, do you understand those do not exist? Nuanced about PKA and I’ve tried to do that. I, I, at the outset, I tried to say there are a bunch of things that are positive. I’m not here, like Steve hanky, like with some, like, you know, yeah.

  • So, every time there’s like a major kind of erosion of, of the state and his checks and he dismantles checks on his power.
  • Like the beautiful thing about Bitcoin as we continue to adopt and grow is there are gonna be a multitude of ideas and perspectives that come into place.
  • The officials said the attacks were in response to a transfer of inmates from Guayas 1 prison.
  • You know, again, I’m gonna point to mass those hierarchy of needs, you know, that’s when you’re at the self, self actualization stage for most selfs that’s.

A report in The Washington Post suggests that Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk plans to fire 75% of Twitter’s staff once he takes over the company. The sense of gloom that has pervaded Twitter offices ever since Musk announced his intention to acquire the microblogging platform is now palpable. Many have already left, citing his actions and public pronouncements for their departure. The Arvind Kejriwal government had in September announced a complete ban on the production, sale and use of all types of firecrackers till January 1, 2023, including on Diwali, a practice it has been following for the last two years.

Twitter shareholders sue Elon Musk

Vacation rentals company Airbnb saw overall night bookings by Indians grow by almost 50% in the third quarter, and domestic night bookings rise by about 80% compared to the same pre-Covid-19 period. Elon Musk sent a message to Twitter staff telling them that they had until Thursday to consider whether they wanted to stay on for “working long hours at high Should You Continue Investing in a Bear Market intensity” or take a severance package of three months’ pay. However, he pointed out that over the previous year, the take rate, or the portion of gross order value that Zomato keeps, had significantly decreased. He added, “This reflects increased market competition, higher delivery costs, and Zomato’s entry into newer markets with lower revenue sharing.”

acciones de twitter

And Mike and everybody, the whole crew down there, but take some time to go to other places around the country, to the mountains, to, to lake GU and try to orange people there. But it’s also a way to invest in the rising monetary system, as opposed to a declining one. El Salvador has been a dollarized country for several years now.

FB is seeing declining ad impression due to mix shift from desk top to mobile. On mobile there are fewer ads since there is no right hand rail. But mobile monetizes better which is rare….a key question here is why does mobile monetize better? Is it due to higher prices per click or higher click through rates.

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What the truth is of what’s going on in El Salvador. I doubt any of the four of us know the whole entire truth, but maybe we could come up with some pieces of it. And from that can make judgements on our own. If this conversation was a conversation https://1investing.in/ you enjoyed, or even just felt strongly and D disagreement with anything, myself, Jamie, Alex, or P has ever said I urge you to take that feeling and go down a rabbit hole, learn more DM me. Nothing else P ever says is valid anyways.

acciones de twitter

And you know, I just recently saw one of the things that. One, a tweet from a, a Bitcoin or that was leaving El Salvador from Mexico. Cuz I think that regardless, I feel like most Bitcoiners at least would argue that like, you know, we should be able to move freely and, and conduct ourselves as we, as we would like. But, but I feel like with El Salvador, because Bitcoin is involved, people tend to, I don’t wanna say turn blind eye, but use kind of kid gloves in a way that I think is, is, is interesting and counterproductive. But I think that to Alex’s point, these types of situations are.

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The point is there are laws in place that prevent people from speaking their mind and from free expression. Mm-hmm um, I, I, again, if you wanna justify, look, this is, this all comes down to this huge philosophical debate over law and order versus freedom. And it was prevented to go into the plane because you wouldn’t wear a mask.

The beauty of the world is the beauty of the world, it does no harm. But the horrors of the world kill people, build Auschwitz and drown thousands of beings in the Mediterranean Sea.” He claimed that, despite a lesser revenue share and a smaller market share, the Blinkit acquisition shows that Zomato is contemplating a significant entry into the grocery delivery business . The European installment of sound money Fest takes place on day three of the event, October 14th and admission is included with GA and whale passes.

The airline is investing in renewable and natural environment solutions to offset emissions for its flights to and from Las Vegas during the week of Jan. 6, building on the company’s long-running investments in sustainability. Like we discussed last night the headline growth rate of 72% yoy with ad revenue accelerating to 82% yoy growth is remarkable at this scale and should be a real positive for the sector. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Twitter’s settlement covers allegations that it misrepresented the “security and privacy” of user data between May 2013 and September 2019, according to the court documents…

A representative for Musk did not immediately respond to a message for comment on Thursday. Twitter executives blamed co-founder and former Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey for the takeover, as company growth stayed flat for a decade. Similarly, Lockheed Martin shares also ended 5.5% down after an imposter said the company will begin halting all weapon sales to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US until further investigation into their record of human rights abuses. ‘The best people are staying, so I’m not super worried,’ a defiant Musk tweeted as ‘hardcore’ Twitter found few takers. The company’s offices have been shut and badges suspended in the wake of the mass resignation.

And then of course the Bitcoin law, when it passed. Things could have been done better on that, on that, but again, we we’re, we’re two years out from that. And and let’s remember that El Salvador was one of the first country to give up all restrictions, you know?

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